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“MAD TV” is a reality show that has become wildly popular among people of all ages. The show is hosted by the famous Mattucci and has been receiving high ratings with each episode. Some of the most well known “MAD TV” characters are Dr. Finkelstein, Dr. House, and Mike Epps.

“MAD TV” is an acronym for the word “acted” – it means acted out! The show is an offshoot of the “American Idol” reality show, which was an instant hit with audiences who were hungry for reality shows that were impromptu and that offered something other than a long monologue by an overly-hyped host. In both forms of the show, the contestants are often forced to act out random events that are chosen by the show’s host. The show is in essence an extension of “American Idol” with the twist that the actors are required to act out for the camera and the judges are often left in the dark as to what is actually going on.

The show is so popular that the Epps family has even become the spokesperson for the show. The Epps family has been depicted as the “perfect family” on numerous occasions and are often seen on” MAD TV” with their son Justin. Justin is the star of the show and his sister Nicole is often seen acting as their mother, Finkelstein. The Epps clan is portrayed as normal parents who are involved in every aspect of their son’s life and have formed a bond over their beliefs regarding how to raise their son and girl. Finkelstein acts as their spiritual adviser, but is often seen as an annoying know-it-all that constantly tries to give Justin the wrong ideas on how to grow up.

The show is an hour long drama that is filled with musical and celebrity guest stars. In season two, Justin was joined by A.J. Fox and then went on to feature guest stars like Adam Lambert, Ashanti, Boyz II Men, Chris Crocker, and Fabio Capello. The most recent season featured guest stars like Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, and Brooke Burke. In all of the seasons, several famous faces from the music industry have made cameos including: Usher, Mariah Carey, Nelly Furtado, Sherry Cashman, and many more.

The show gained popularity in the United States after being featured on Late Night With David Letterman. The episode features a story about a young girl who finds her best friend, a talking hamster named Poppy, lost in a hotel. She and her friends eagerly wait for him, but when they finally do find him, it turns out that Poppy has somehow gained the ability to speak – only in rhymes. Thanks to this amazing power, Poppy decides to ruin the wedding of his best friend’s brother, which goes disastrously as everyone stands watching in horror. In the end, Poppy decides to run for president, but only if he can prove that he is worthy of the post.

After seeing this episode, a lot of TV fans started buzzing about an American version of the show, and so a new season was created. This time around, there are a lot more celebrity guests. In the first episode, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and J.Lo all make cameos. Other celebrities who have had their pictures taken by Mad TV Mr. Peepers include: Britney Spears, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Usher, and many others. Now that you know who the celebrity guests are, you can start speculating about who among these stars will fulfill the criteria for the new season’s most wanted man!

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