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Michael Dudikoff Profile

Name:  Michael Dudikoff
Also known as:  Michael Dudikoff II, Michael J. Dudikoff II


Photos and pictures of Michael Dudikoff

Michael Dudikoff Shirtless Pictures!


Lattest Films featuring Michael Dudikoff

Quicksand (2002) (film) [Michael - Bill Turner]
Gale Force (2002) (video) [Jared]
Shooter, The (2001) (film) [Michael Atherton]
Stranded (2001) (film) [Ed Carpenter]
Ablaze (2001) (film) [Michael - Daniels]
Counter Measures (1999) (film) [Capt. Jake Fuller]
Silencer, The (1999) (film) [Quinn Simmons]
Fugitive Mind (1999) (video) [Robert Dean]
In Her Defense (1998) (film) [Michael - Andrew Garfield]
Freedom Strike (1998) (film) [Tom Dickson]
Ringmaster (1998) (film) [Rusty]
Musketeers Forever (1998) (film) [D'Artagnan]
Moving Target (1997) (film) [Michael Dudikoff - Sonny]
Crash Dive (1997) (video) [James Carter]
Bounty Hunters (1997) (film) [Jersey Bellini]
Strategic Command (1997) (film) [Dr. Rick Harding]
Soldier Boyz (1997) (video game) [Michael - Toliver]
Hardball (1997) (film) [Jersey Bellini]
Black Thunder (1997) (film) [Vince]
Soldier Boyz (1995) (film) [Toliver]


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