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Gale Harold Profile

Name:  Gale Harold


Photos and pictures of Gale Harold

Gale Harold Shirtless Pictures!


Lattest Films featuring Gale Harold

Unseen, The (2005) (film) [Gale - Harold]
Social Grace (2005) (film) [Andrew]
Life on the Ledge (2004) (film) [Chaz]
Fathers and Sons (2004) (film) [Elliott]
Wake (2003) (film) [Gale - Kyle Riven]
Rhinoceros Eyes (2003) (film) [Detective Phil Barbara]
Particles of Truth (2003) (film) [Morrison Wiley]
Mental Hygiene (2001) (film) [David Ryan]
36K (2000) (film) [Gale - Booker O'Brien]
Queer as Folk (2000) (TV Series) [Brian Kinney]


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